Something about faith.

I've been thinking about dreams, and commitment, and faith. About heart and head, yin and yang, art and science. About how paths wander apart and then reconnect in ways that aren't always predictable. Taking that last metaphor forward, today's post is a trail that diverts a little from the path we've been on here recently: … Continue reading Something about faith.

Night must fall. March forward anyway.

During my growing-up years, in the days before widespread cable television, our local CBS affiliate station aired old movies in the afternoons and then again late at night. Among the films I remember watching are these: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane; Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte; Sunset Boulevard; Sorry, Wrong Number; Rebecca; Dracula; The 39 … Continue reading Night must fall. March forward anyway.

Something about quitting.

Some of this might be familiar, because I've written parts of this story before. And it's still an incomplete thought, as you'll notice: In my late teens/early 20s I changed faith lanes from Presbyterian to Episcopalian, not for any particular reason but generally because the Anglican tradition felt tidier and more intellectual, and the liturgy … Continue reading Something about quitting.

A certain lack of certainty.

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe in God. And before you run off worrying that I'm about to go all come-to-Jesus on you, understand that I long ago decided to believe what I believe, relinquishing any desire to control what you or anyone else might choose to believe. You've got yours; I've got mine. … Continue reading A certain lack of certainty.

12 articles of faith for a Memphis believer.

I am a converted believer in Memphis, my hometown, the place I vowed never to live after turning 18. It wasn't some great epiphany. Like many conversions, it was subtle and happened while I wasn't paying attention. If, generally speaking, places have a way of growing on a person, then Memphis is the kudzu of … Continue reading 12 articles of faith for a Memphis believer.