A story about parents.

I have a friend who moved to back to Memphis a decade ago, after many years away. She rented a house instead of buying, unsure of how long she might stay. The neighborhood she choose was a “good” neighborhood by neighborhood standards, meaning it was relatively stable, a combination of starter homes and rentals that … Continue reading A story about parents.

The ‘Working Parent’ conundrum.

This story will seem like a departure from the direction I said we'd take this week, but it isn't. And this first part is a repeat of something you've read before, if you've been here awhile. Also, there's a recipe link at the end as a reward for getting through this particular contemplation. Here goes: … Continue reading The ‘Working Parent’ conundrum.

Something about this and that.

From the beginning, almost a decade ago, I pledged to keep this separate from that, to keep the personal and professional entirely independent of one another. This blog would be my personal space, for personal things, walled off from my professional work. It was an outlet, a hobby, a lark. My professional life would, in … Continue reading Something about this and that.

Something about that thing from the other day.

Actually there are two things, from two different days, that I've promised you. Did you notice? The one thing, the longer thing (a sprawling, "needs some work and some editing" thing) is still in the incubator. And it's behind a few other things, so don't be expecting it tomorrow because it isn't coming your way … Continue reading Something about that thing from the other day.

Something about growth.

(Note: Some details have been changed, in the interest of privacy.) Fifteen years ago I took an unexpected career turn and accepted a job at our local community blood center, managing marketing and recruitment. The team of recruiters was, in essence, a sales team. Their metrics were similar to sales metrics, with all the attendant … Continue reading Something about growth.

A few things: October/November 2018

The advice, you'll recall, was this: You want them when they're little, but they need you when they're big. That's from my friend Barbara, admonishing me at the time (I was 7 months pregnant with my now-17-year-old son) to find excellent child care, throw myself into high-paying work, and save the "flexible hours, work from … Continue reading A few things: October/November 2018