Suspended requirements.

Meteorologically speaking, I suppose a Southern thunderstorm isn't too far removed from its Midwestern prairie-sweeping cousin or New England Nor'easter: warm air/cold air tussles, all of them, that range between small misunderstandings and full-blown wars. Meterologically speaking, they're all alike, I suppose. But there's something transformative about an afternoon storm in the South, a change … Continue reading Suspended requirements.

For the love of bitter humans.

Life, I think, is like a champagne cocktail: best enjoyed while still fizzy, sublime in its bitter sweetness. ****** In my next life, if my karmic inheritance takes me to the next level of transcendence, I will return as a Quaker, serenely imparting peace among people. If you're wondering why I don't just study up … Continue reading For the love of bitter humans.

If Laura and Hillary were pals.

I've been thinking about the war among women and our deepening factions. We who question Jill Abramson's firing. We who think women belong at home. We #YesAllWomen sign carriers. We who snap photos of other mothers' bad parenting and send them to police hotlines. We who are pro life, and we pro choice. Anne Lamott … Continue reading If Laura and Hillary were pals.