P.S. – Notes about Books

So, it’s been fun sharing book recommendations from my recent post about books. It’s been so fun, in fact, that I decided to create a page dedicated just to books – what I’m currently reading, recent titles I’ve enjoyed, books I’ve read with my kids, and, of course, my all-time favorites.

It’s possible that I’ll actually update this page regularly, unlike the recipe archive page that is suffering from benign neglect.

Perhaps next time you finish a book you love (or even one you just enjoy), you’ll be kind enough to head to my book page and drop a recommendation, mostly on G.P.s but also because Nancy Pearl hasn’t updated her blog in years, and she’s only occasionally on NPR, and she’s my favorite source for wonderful books that aren’t on any bestseller list anywhere, and I need other good book sources. So there’s that.

And, for some perspective, here, here and here are links to past posts about books and reading.

decorating with books

P.S. to anyone wondering about all the books I unpacked a year ago from my mother’s vast library: Thanks to a recent tweet from a source I can’t remember (probably @brainpickings) about a delicious Joan Didion quote (that I also can’t exactly remember), I’m finally reading (and enjoying) my mother’s hand-annotated copy of Slouching Toward Bethlehem. So, Twitter is occasionally helpful for book recommendations, too.

P.P.S. to anyone who saw the SeriousEats post about cookbook clubs and thought, “hey, that sounds cool, because I could never do a book club, but maybe I could do a cookbook club,” etc.: Yes, I was so, so ahead of that. And yes, you should try a cookbook club. It was fun.


  1. Great fun indeed. If my work ever slows down (lately it’s been just, well, beyond…), maybe I’ll actually read a book and recommend it. Glad you enjoyed the Sally Mann. Lots of parts of it have stuck with me and popped into my head at unexpected times. It’s sort of like Gabrielle Hamilton. You can [cook/photograph/whatever] and you can write like that, too? Not fair!


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