Something about writing condolence notes.

Brief, sincere, and tactful. If you remember nothing else from what follows, below, then just remember these three words and you'll do fine. One of the things I've learned from having a small stationery business is that people often are reluctant to write notes because they don't know what to write, or how to express … Continue reading Something about writing condolence notes.

Something about kindness.

Almost six years ago, I started a new job. Having worked as a teacher, caterer, marketer, PR agent, government policy advisor, start-up founder, fundraiser, operations lead, and community builder, I was venturing into new territory, serving as executive director of an agency that focused on parents and children. Other parents. Other people's children. At least … Continue reading Something about kindness.

A few things: November/December 2021

It's December. Go ahead, say that out loud and see if it sounds any better spoken than in your head. D*E*C*E*M*B*E*R Didn't we just have December, like four months ago? (I even wrote about it, and offered a recipe for cheese grits and a video tutorial on making pretty candles using Oui yogurt jars. Where … Continue reading A few things: November/December 2021