Starfish gazing.

Perhaps what I meant was actually this: When my children were little, during the age of great dependency, I sometimes, oftentimes, struggled in my job as their mother. My struggles were laid bare most visibly on weekends, holidays and vacations. Particularly at the beach. **** Once, we loaded the last bag in the car at … Continue reading Starfish gazing.


Here's how I knew we were going to the beach and not to my grandparents' house at Hardy: when we turned from our street and drove past the Howard Johnson's (where we went to get ice cream), we turned and drove up a ramp, past the billboard picture of the girl with the dog tugging … Continue reading destin-ation.

Hey, dude, where’s my menu?

Hey, dude, I'm on vacation! But not to fear, here's a story I posted last summer complete with a menu that takes full advantage of what's at the market right now, pick of the season. happy week. Blackberry Summer (originally published 7.20.13) My mother's parents were farmers, and their farm had everything from peanuts to … Continue reading Hey, dude, where’s my menu?