Big Don and the vagabond days.

Once upon a time, a long time ago, for a very short time, I lived in Jackson, Wyoming. I was a squatter, a gypsy, camped out in my little sister's basement on a futon with a wooden wine crate for a bedside table, just like in college. Only I was 30 years old, still clinging … Continue reading Big Don and the vagabond days.

Come to Bethlehem and eat.

I was in Houston this week, speaking at a training and HR workshop for independent blood centers. Yes, I know you're surprised there would be such a gathering. And you're probably wondering if I mean the Red Cross, which I do not. I could get all technical and explain the complicated volunteer blood supply in … Continue reading Come to Bethlehem and eat.

Lord, let there be lemons.

The first time I tasted limoncello I realized I’d been wrong to think God made lemons so we might enjoy lemon curd.  Tart, sweet, chilly on the tongue but warm in the throat,  limoncello is the adult version of every happy lemonade stand you’ve ever visited, ever. It’s possible that the adventure associated with my … Continue reading Lord, let there be lemons.