Here's how I knew we were going to the beach and not to my grandparents' house at Hardy: when we turned from our street and drove past the Howard Johnson's (where we went to get ice cream), we turned and drove up a ramp, past the billboard picture of the girl with the dog tugging … Continue reading destin-ation.

Summer ’15: the book report

For me, each year is divided into two parts: summer and not-summer. Summer, to me, is the stretch of sunny days between Memorial Day and Labor Day; not-summer is the remainder. Summer is Wiccan, loose and roaming. Not-summer is Presbyterian, the time to hunker down and be serious. Even during the years between my own … Continue reading Summer ’15: the book report

Summer: the book report.

Ah, summer reading, the special torture devised by teachers to deprive children of a carefree break from school. I hated summer reading. I'm a slow reader, for one thing, and, for another thing, I have always had a penchant for reading junk fiction. My teachers didn't care. They never, not once, assigned a Ken Follet … Continue reading Summer: the book report.

Hey, dude, where’s my menu?

Hey, dude, I'm on vacation! But not to fear, here's a story I posted last summer complete with a menu that takes full advantage of what's at the market right now, pick of the season. happy week. Blackberry Summer (originally published 7.20.13) My mother's parents were farmers, and their farm had everything from peanuts to … Continue reading Hey, dude, where’s my menu?

Wildness and mayhem. (dinner plan, week of july 29)

After eight weeks of family eating free-for-all and suspension of nightly bedtimes, we are heading back to the world of routines, schedules and reminders.  As the time between school years draws to a close, these are the lists I'll be tucking into a folder full of mementos that one day might populate a scrapbook (or … Continue reading Wildness and mayhem. (dinner plan, week of july 29)