Wildness and mayhem. (dinner plan, week of july 29)

After eight weeks of family eating free-for-all and suspension of nightly bedtimes, we are heading back to the world of routines, schedules and reminders.  As the time between school years draws to a close, these are the lists I'll be tucking into a folder full of mementos that one day might populate a scrapbook (or … Continue reading Wildness and mayhem. (dinner plan, week of july 29)

Order of operations.

It is time to divulge a secret about myself that very few people know: I'm a math geek.  Not a Rainman, slay-the-tables-in-Vegas math geek, just a place-out-of-freshman-math-at-Princeton math geek.  My dad was a math geek, and we used to have fun making up goofy algebra problems for no good reason other than to entertain ourselves.  … Continue reading Order of operations.

The new normal.

Ours came home Thursday.  If you have children in school, you probably received one too.  It's the letter describing the "new" safety protocols.  The procedures aren't new, at least ours aren't; they're really just a renewed commitment to the basics like "all visitors must enter through the front door," and "the school will conduct periodic … Continue reading The new normal.