Something about fresh starts and well-being.

This first part is a repeat, of sorts, because Easter seems a good time to check in on a few things, irrespective of faith tradition/practice (or lack thereof). The checking-in is the important part; the repeat is just for context. Janus (as I wrote, back in January) is the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, doorways, … Continue reading Something about fresh starts and well-being.

Thoughts go astray.

"This could be her last Christmas," my daughter said, speaking about the dog -- one of our dogs -- last Christmas, in 2020, the first pandemic Christmas. Another of our dogs had died earlier in the year, in mid-March before everything shut down. He, the one who died, and she, the one who remained behind, … Continue reading Thoughts go astray.

Field particles.

These are things I dislike: Pork rinds Rigid ideology The smell of fish sauce Waking up early Rachel Ray cookbooks Donna Tartt novels It isn't a comprehensive list, just a few current, top-of-mind thoughts. I include them here in case you're thinking of leaving, in case one of your New Year's resolutions is to declutter … Continue reading Field particles.