Many hands, light work.

Today's show-off TV chefs would never have survived the Thanksgiving kitchens of my youth. The roasting turkey, oyster dressing, scalloped potatoes, tender rolls and sweet potato pie were all in well-practiced hands, so my Southern matriarch predecessors would have sent Bobby Flay packing - gracefully, I'll add. At a minimum they would would have dispatched … Continue reading Many hands, light work.

A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar.

Some days involve dog vomit. Now, I know what you're thinking: "I don't have dogs. My days never involve dog vomit." But everyone has dog vomit days, I promise, even you people who don't have dogs. Flat tires, fallen trees, freezers that go on unannounced strike and leave behind a mess of melted gelato. Dog … Continue reading A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar.

You are not a number.

To all the children getting prepped and ready to endure the annual torture of standardized testing, remember this: You are not a number. True, at many points in your life someone write your name and pair it with a number: Weight. Age. Credit score. Aptitude. Tumor marker. Income bracket. Zip code. Max VO2. The pairing … Continue reading You are not a number.

Always pack a sandwich.

My friend Fredericka, Colorado native, retired horse trader, and daughter of a fresco painter, never left home without snacks. Fredericka and I met when we both taught at Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA. She looked pretty much like you'd think a Colorado native, retired horse trader, daughter of a fresco painter would look: … Continue reading Always pack a sandwich.