A few things: February 2018

For the shortest month of the year, February carried more than its weight. It was, at some points, unbearably heavy. But for those of us who stubbornly refuse to give up hope, February brought more than its fair share of that, too, mostly in the form of young promise and new energy. What teenagers lack … Continue reading A few things: February 2018

A few things: December 2017

Looking back over the past 12 months, the way December beckons that kind of review, one encounter stands out as perhaps the best thing to happen to me in this terrible, wonderful year. I was having lunch with a philanthropist friend, trying (badly) to make a case for funding the nonprofit agency where I've worked … Continue reading A few things: December 2017

A few things: November 2017

An actual family dinner conversation: SON:  [to MOM] "So, why'd you move all that stuff and mess up the big room?" MOM: "I need more space for my art and sewing and things. Maybe I'll have people over, teach a class; who knows? I might even teach you to sew, so you can sew a … Continue reading A few things: November 2017

Under the Boolean radar.

I was going to write my annual post with book recommendations. But then, unexpectedly, I found where Nancy Pearl has been hiding. To be more accurate, and probably fairer, I accidentally stumbled upon Nancy Pearl's Twitter feed during one of my Twitter drive-bys (my relationship with Twitter is complicated). Re-finding Nancy Pearl was like seeing … Continue reading Under the Boolean radar.