Something about that thing from the other day.

Actually there are two things, from two different days, that I've promised you. Did you notice? The one thing, the longer thing (a sprawling, "needs some work and some editing" thing) is still in the incubator. And it's behind a few other things, so don't be expecting it tomorrow because it isn't coming your way … Continue reading Something about that thing from the other day.

Something easy.

(No, this isn't that post either. One day soon, just not today. This one's 49, for anyone who's counting. Obviously, I am counting....) It was a completely gorgeous day here on Saturday -- cool, clear, and breezy. A picture-perfect fall day. And at the farmers market were all the goods to prove that, once again, … Continue reading Something easy.

Something about doing the work.

If the first part of this story didn't happen exactly as described, then understand that it was close to this, and that the specifics don't matter. Plus, it will better preserve privacy that I don't recall some of the details, and since I don't have a way to ask permission to tell this tale, retelling … Continue reading Something about doing the work.

Something about the mystery of life and death.

Many years ago I abandoned the Church of the New York Times in favor of the Church of Teaching Sunday School to 6-9 Year-Olds, where we discussed Why We are Here and What It’s All About, not because that was the curriculum but because those things were, and will always be, very much on the minds … Continue reading Something about the mystery of life and death.