Diana, the original Hipsta sister.

My friend Emmet is retiring this year, 40 years after making the 'mistake' of taking a job teaching photography at Princeton, 27 years after coaching wandering, unfocused me through a wandering, unfocused thesis project. As I've written before, I received my first camera, an Olympus OM-10, when I was in high school, when part of … Continue reading Diana, the original Hipsta sister.

Good will toward many. (food, week of 12.16.13)

If it weren't for the Reformation, it's possible that the world communion of Christians (all Catholics, if it weren't for the Reformation) would be about to launch festivities associated with the Feast of Fools, the evolution of Saturnalia, that wild Roman holiday tradition marked by role reversals, gag gifts and general mischief.  Yes, Virginia, the … Continue reading Good will toward many. (food, week of 12.16.13)