Something about fresh starts and well-being.

This first part is a repeat, of sorts, because Easter seems a good time to check in on a few things, irrespective of faith tradition/practice (or lack thereof). The checking-in is the important part; the repeat is just for context. Janus (as I wrote, back in January) is the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, doorways, … Continue reading Something about fresh starts and well-being.

A few things: January 2020

The original plan was to write and post and share all of this stuff last weekend, but I was busy writing Charlie Brown's obituary, trying very hard to make it funny because if any dog deserves a funny send-off, it's Charlie Brown. One day you'll get to read that obituary and decide for yourself whether … Continue reading A few things: January 2020

Four quotes and a (short) movie.

My second favorite Eric Ries quote begins this way: "Zero invites imagination...." The context for the quote is the world of business, start-ups in particular. The idea, extrapolating a bit, is that imagination lives in a place without restraint, specific points of reference, judgment or relativism - all of those things being important, perhaps, at … Continue reading Four quotes and a (short) movie.