Slivers of infinite happiness.

We drove home from dinner, a cozy evening with a few friends, and changed into our nightclothes to wait. It was early, and it was cold, and we were winter-tired, feet moving to the rhythm of a primal hibernation call. Our children were nestled under covers, watching Netflix and avoiding homework. It had the normal … Continue reading Slivers of infinite happiness.

Many hands, light work.

Today's show-off TV chefs would never have survived the Thanksgiving kitchens of my youth. The roasting turkey, oyster dressing, scalloped potatoes, tender rolls and sweet potato pie were all in well-practiced hands, so my Southern matriarch predecessors would have sent Bobby Flay packing - gracefully, I'll add. At a minimum they would would have dispatched … Continue reading Many hands, light work.

Good will toward many. (food, week of 12.16.13)

If it weren't for the Reformation, it's possible that the world communion of Christians (all Catholics, if it weren't for the Reformation) would be about to launch festivities associated with the Feast of Fools, the evolution of Saturnalia, that wild Roman holiday tradition marked by role reversals, gag gifts and general mischief.  Yes, Virginia, the … Continue reading Good will toward many. (food, week of 12.16.13)

The light heart lives longest. (food, week of 12.1.13)

"I know you don't have a minute to talk, but you must tell me: how are my children doing?"  These are the first words Harriet says after I answer the phone last Sunday afternoon.  Not "Hello."  Not "Jennifer?"  Straight to the matter Harriet is, and it's one of the qualities I adore most in her. … Continue reading The light heart lives longest. (food, week of 12.1.13)