Blackberry summer.

My mother's parents were farmers, and their farm had everything from peanuts to peaches. They also had blackberry bushes, the harvest of which was my mother's least favorite activity. My mother had fragile alabaster skin, and walking through the blackberry brush left her looking like she'd rolled in a barbed wire fence. At least, that's … Continue reading Blackberry summer.

Love of the game.

Growing up in a house with a little sister, a stay-at-home, bridge-playing, sewing-club mom and a working dad whose only athletic interest was watching the occasional college football game, I learned only the sports in which our family participated: hide-and-go-seek, climbing on a swing set and pancake flipping.  Sports were for boys, and until I … Continue reading Love of the game.

Order of operations.

It is time to divulge a secret about myself that very few people know: I'm a math geek.  Not a Rainman, slay-the-tables-in-Vegas math geek, just a place-out-of-freshman-math-at-Princeton math geek.  My dad was a math geek, and we used to have fun making up goofy algebra problems for no good reason other than to entertain ourselves.  … Continue reading Order of operations.