Something about sewing.

"Home," as Jimmy Carter wrote, in a piece for The Bitter Southerner, "is a complicated idea." I've been sewing in the mornings, sitting in my chair by the window, sipping coffee and stitching in the few quiet moments before other more immediate responsibilities take the stage, which usually isn't very long. Sewing, and this kind … Continue reading Something about sewing.

Are you my family?

My grandfather, my father’s father, and his sister Julia lived next door to one another from the mid 1930s, when they built their houses, until they died decades later.  Their yards were connected by a garden path, their lives communal.  My father was an only child, and his four cousins living next door were more … Continue reading Are you my family?

The all-you-can-eat buffet.

This week's Princeton Alumni Weekly features a piece by Anne-Marie Slaughter written as a follow-up to her widely distributed and much discussed piece published in The Atlantic this summer about women's ability (or lack thereof) to "have it all."  Reading her report of the both criticisms and praise she received in response to her article … Continue reading The all-you-can-eat buffet.