Something about writing condolence notes.

Brief, sincere, and tactful. If you remember nothing else from what follows, below, then just remember these three words and you'll do fine. One of the things I've learned from having a small stationery business is that people often are reluctant to write notes because they don't know what to write, or how to express … Continue reading Something about writing condolence notes.

How to make chocolate-dipped sugar cookie hearts.

I've loved Valentine's Day since my childhood. I loved decorating a shoe box to collect classmates' offerings. I loved using clunky safety scissors to cut out pink paper hearts. I loved using the sticky mucilage glue to stick doilies everywhere. More than all of those things, I loved pulling the crinkly wrapper from a cherry … Continue reading How to make chocolate-dipped sugar cookie hearts.

On the 19th day, some grace (and a few more things).

Whether you're following along day by day or only intermittently, by now you've likely picked up on a recurring theme in the work of the December Sanity Journal, and that theme is close examination of the people in your life and how they make you feel (more on this, later in the post). You might … Continue reading On the 19th day, some grace (and a few more things).

Something sentimental.

She arrived at the door with a big paper grocery sack, handed off the goods, and left promptly, knowing full well what life was like with a toddler and a new baby at home. In the grocery sack were three Ziploc bags: Wide noodles; sauce; chopped Romaine (freshly chopped from a real head of lettuce, … Continue reading Something sentimental.