Are you my family?

My grandfather, my father’s father, and his sister Julia lived next door to one another from the mid 1930s, when they built their houses, until they died decades later.  Their yards were connected by a garden path, their lives communal.  My father was an only child, and his four cousins living next door were more … Continue reading Are you my family?

No, I am not Santa. (food, week of 12.23.13)

For the past seven days I have struggled with the challenge I set last week, the challenge of anonymous giving and do-gooding to revive my waning Christmas spirit.  Anonymous giving is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be, accentuating my completely irritating Type A-ness instead of increasing the spontaneous flow of love … Continue reading No, I am not Santa. (food, week of 12.23.13)

Impromptu. (food, week of 11.4.13)

I'm fairly certain my mother never once said to a friend, on the spur of the moment, "why don't you stay for dinner?"  She was the type of cook who planned and polished.  She like to have everything in place before inviting anyone over the share a meal.  How then did her elder daughter come … Continue reading Impromptu. (food, week of 11.4.13)

It’s all ova. (food, week of 10.28.13)

My daughter got braces this week.  She has the face of an angel, but her smile at present is an orthodontist's dream for at least the next two years.  Sticky foods, tasty treats, and caramel delights are all over, at least for a while.  She has been a very good sport about the whole thing, … Continue reading It’s all ova. (food, week of 10.28.13)

Ciao. (food, week of 9.30.13)

My friend Martha, an incredibly gifted athlete and wonderful all-around gal, was set to play on the U.S. field hockey team in the 1984 Olympic Games.  During practice one day she tore her ACL, and her Olympic journey ended abrubtly.  As a consolation, she spent a semester recuperating with relatives in Italy. Her family prepared … Continue reading Ciao. (food, week of 9.30.13)

My food comes from a dirt farmer. (food, week of 9.23.13)

Tuesday I made dinner for my people while they were out shuttling to and from football practice and grocery errands. I seared the steak, wrapped it in foil and put it in a warm oven to finish cooking. I roasted some potatoes and left them, covered, to cool to room temp. I made a salad … Continue reading My food comes from a dirt farmer. (food, week of 9.23.13)

Eat something great in Memphis. (food, week of 9.16.13)

15 years ago, Fast Company dubbed Memphis the capital of the real world.   At the time the article was published, Memphis was on no one's list of cool places, and I thought it was uplifting that my favorite magazine gave my hometown a brief and positive nod. The idea of Memphis as the source of … Continue reading Eat something great in Memphis. (food, week of 9.16.13)