Labor days.

It is Labor Day weekend, summer's last hurrah. It's the weekend many parents, mostly mothers, heave a sigh of relief. We made it. As Motherlode's KJ Dell'Antonia wrote back in June, the 104 days of summer vacation are a nightmare for working parents, particularly those with no extended family willing or able to help. It's … Continue reading Labor days.

Women’s war on women.

Here is the principle, which dates back to the 4th century B.C.: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. It is often a practical theory, though far from a perfect one. There is no perfect theory, perfect being, often, the enemy of practical. But I am not looking for perfect theory. What I want … Continue reading Women’s war on women.

I am woman, hear me reverberate.

Here's what I know about 1972: Clad in my polyester double-knit pants ensemble (the one with the sleeveless v-neck top and bell-bottom bottoms in the pink/orange/white chevron pattern), I spent countless hours 'performing' my favorite songs in our den, singing along with the record player that was hidden in a corner behind my father's pthalo … Continue reading I am woman, hear me reverberate.

If Laura and Hillary were pals.

I've been thinking about the war among women and our deepening factions. We who question Jill Abramson's firing. We who think women belong at home. We #YesAllWomen sign carriers. We who snap photos of other mothers' bad parenting and send them to police hotlines. We who are pro life, and we pro choice. Anne Lamott … Continue reading If Laura and Hillary were pals.