Kings of summer. (food for week of 7.15.13)

My father loved summer. He loved the heat and the sun and the holidays and everything that went with the stretch of time from May to September: fishing, swimming, gardening, parades, flags, fireworks, bathing suits and gin and tonics. Summer was suspension of the rules time, the season of freedom from convention. From Memorial Day … Continue reading Kings of summer. (food for week of 7.15.13)

Beautifully imperfect.

Without a doubt my favorite thing about my father was his ability to laugh at himself, particularly during life's  humiliating moments.  His humor was never self-deprecating or diversionary; his laughter never awkward. Case in point: one year my father and step-mother hosted a very elegant Christmas morning brunch for our family and a few close … Continue reading Beautifully imperfect.