Shouldering the weight of the words.

"Roots and wings," my mother said at least 4,000 times when Margaret and I were growing up (and by "growing up" I mean our entire lives). The wings part was always directed toward me, as I was apparently timid and lacking independence in my early years (swear to God). Roots was aimed at my sister, … Continue reading Shouldering the weight of the words.

Mother’s Day, with gas.

This year for Mother's Day I bought myself a SodaStream. ******** Two years ago, in my worst-ever performance playing the role of Mom, I did not receive the Mother's Day present I requested (for three years in a row), so I stormed down the stairs screaming, "I'll just buy my own damn Mother's Day present!" … Continue reading Mother’s Day, with gas.

Always pack a sandwich.

My friend Fredericka, Colorado native, retired horse trader, and daughter of a fresco painter, never left home without snacks. Fredericka and I met when we both taught at Noble and Greenough School in Dedham, MA. She looked pretty much like you'd think a Colorado native, retired horse trader, daughter of a fresco painter would look: … Continue reading Always pack a sandwich.

Impromptu. (food, week of 11.4.13)

I'm fairly certain my mother never once said to a friend, on the spur of the moment, "why don't you stay for dinner?"  She was the type of cook who planned and polished.  She like to have everything in place before inviting anyone over the share a meal.  How then did her elder daughter come … Continue reading Impromptu. (food, week of 11.4.13)

It’s all ova. (food, week of 10.28.13)

My daughter got braces this week.  She has the face of an angel, but her smile at present is an orthodontist's dream for at least the next two years.  Sticky foods, tasty treats, and caramel delights are all over, at least for a while.  She has been a very good sport about the whole thing, … Continue reading It’s all ova. (food, week of 10.28.13)

The trouble with kale. (food, week of 10.21.13)

Five and a half years ago, as I dealt with my company's worst PR crisis in almost 50 years of business AND tried to understand why my first grade son's friends were reading Harry Potter while he struggled with Henry & Mudge AND watched the housing renovation market head south knowing it would likely lead … Continue reading The trouble with kale. (food, week of 10.21.13)

Winter is coming. (food, week of 10.14.13)

Seriously, it is.  But winter's not here yet, and that's all the more reason to enjoy what remains of fall's fresh produce. If you follow my other blog, Eat Something Great in Memphis, then you may already have read about Outstanding in the Field's visit to Memphis this past week.  It was a spectacular event, … Continue reading Winter is coming. (food, week of 10.14.13)