A few things: December 2020

First of all, in case you're curious: Yes; she actually sleeps just like that, standing up, with her head resting on me. She is ridiculous, my sweet, old (so old) brown doggie. We are ridiculous together, in this ridiculous , ridiculous year. On that note: https://vimeo.com/488363490 What creativity sometimes looks like. And yes, I did … Continue reading A few things: December 2020

A few things: January 2020

The original plan was to write and post and share all of this stuff last weekend, but I was busy writing Charlie Brown's obituary, trying very hard to make it funny because if any dog deserves a funny send-off, it's Charlie Brown. One day you'll get to read that obituary and decide for yourself whether … Continue reading A few things: January 2020

Art Harder: a reminder and DIY project

Perhaps you thought I'd forgotten, or maybe that I'd dropped the idea. You'd be wrong. Back in January 2017 I asked (begged) you to Art, Harder. Do it for your brain, I suggested, or for the future of the world, for your own entertainment, or for no reason at all. Do it because binary thinking … Continue reading Art Harder: a reminder and DIY project