A certain lack of certainty.

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe in God. And before you run off worrying that I'm about to go all come-to-Jesus on you, understand that I long ago decided to believe what I believe, relinquishing any desire to control what you or anyone else might choose to believe. You've got yours; I've got mine. … Continue reading A certain lack of certainty.

Shouldering the weight of the words.

"Roots and wings," my mother said at least 4,000 times when Margaret and I were growing up (and by "growing up" I mean our entire lives). The wings part was always directed toward me, as I was apparently timid and lacking independence in my early years (swear to God). Roots was aimed at my sister, … Continue reading Shouldering the weight of the words.

You are not a number.

To all the children getting prepped and ready to endure the annual torture of standardized testing, remember this: You are not a number. True, at many points in your life someone write your name and pair it with a number: Weight. Age. Credit score. Aptitude. Tumor marker. Income bracket. Zip code. Max VO2. The pairing … Continue reading You are not a number.