Are you my family?

My grandfather, my father’s father, and his sister Julia lived next door to one another from the mid 1930s, when they built their houses, until they died decades later.  Their yards were connected by a garden path, their lives communal.  My father was an only child, and his four cousins living next door were more … Continue reading Are you my family?

No, I am not Santa. (food, week of 12.23.13)

For the past seven days I have struggled with the challenge I set last week, the challenge of anonymous giving and do-gooding to revive my waning Christmas spirit.  Anonymous giving is not nearly as easy as I thought it would be, accentuating my completely irritating Type A-ness instead of increasing the spontaneous flow of love … Continue reading No, I am not Santa. (food, week of 12.23.13)

The Christmas Craft Olympics.

Remember this, if nothing else: 4th graders do not care if their finished product is Pinterest-worthy.  Do not.  Will not.  Should not.  4th graders are wise. Five years ago, in the pre-Pinterest era, my children made for their teachers miniature Christmas wreaths, using tiny ornaments and assorted tiny red/green/white decorations from Michaels.  We sat at … Continue reading The Christmas Craft Olympics.

Good will toward many. (food, week of 12.16.13)

If it weren't for the Reformation, it's possible that the world communion of Christians (all Catholics, if it weren't for the Reformation) would be about to launch festivities associated with the Feast of Fools, the evolution of Saturnalia, that wild Roman holiday tradition marked by role reversals, gag gifts and general mischief.  Yes, Virginia, the … Continue reading Good will toward many. (food, week of 12.16.13)