Sex, death, and middle age.

"I know you said you don't want any of this, but I think you'll actually want one thing," he said, dropping some folded papers on the kitchen table.

It was a letter, five pages in long-hand, from my mother to my father, a few months before they married. When we had gathered the belongings from my mother's garage years ago, the letter must have slipped from a box into an adjacent pile.

Ever green, and orange and black.

Memphis, once known as the hardwood capital of the world, was built on a bluff, the Chickasaw Bluff, along the eastern side of the Mississippi River. The soil on the bluff, according to my limited understanding of it, is an interesting mix of loess (windblown silt), glacial gravel and alluvial deposits, good for filtering water … Continue reading Ever green, and orange and black.

The comfort of familiar things.

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. If we know each other, in real life, then this revelation may be shocking. If we know each other very well, though, then it's possibly not unexpected. I have been thinking about it, a tattoo, though not terribly seriously, for longer than I'll admit, even here. Tattoos, like … Continue reading The comfort of familiar things.