Diana, the original Hipsta sister.

My friend Emmet is retiring this year, 40 years after making the 'mistake' of taking a job teaching photography at Princeton, 27 years after coaching wandering, unfocused me through a wandering, unfocused thesis project. As I've written before, I received my first camera, an Olympus OM-10, when I was in high school, when part of … Continue reading Diana, the original Hipsta sister.

Look 5 lbs. thinner in just 10 minutes.

So, yeah, it will be a proverbial 5 pounds. But I promise you'll feel lighter, like a weight has lifted, and others will see it. A couple of fellow bloggers (Tales from the Motherland and Musing Off the Mat) posted comments to my piece from last Saturday, 50 happy things from 2014, letting me know … Continue reading Look 5 lbs. thinner in just 10 minutes.