Larksome Goods

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Larksome Goods is your source for pretty paper goods (cards, personalized stationery, etc.) and short, sweet primers on how to write personal correspondence. (And sometimes original art and prints, and other things I feel like making.)


Because, let’s be honest. Receiving a real, honest-to-God, HANDWRITTEN note or letter makes you feel really special. Like, super human special. Like, “the Grinch’s heart grew three sizes that day” special. And if it makes you feel that special, then imagine what will happen when YOU send a card or letter to someone you care about.

Oh, sure. Text messages are great for efficiency (and humor) (and grocery lists) (but NEVER for breaking up or quitting a job…) (P.S. , do not send that picture…), and email is fine, just fine, for many situations.

But a handwritten note takes things to a different level. Sets you apart from the crowd.

So, how about ordering a card (or a few) and give note-writing a chance? You never know what might come of it.

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