Jennifer Balink is a creative strategist and relationship coach who writes about motherhood, cooking, creativity, life-work balance, and navigating the human experience.

Jennifer works with individuals and organizations to help them find clarity and purpose.

Since 2016 she has been leading the team at Kindred Place, a nonprofit counseling, coaching, and education center for families. She is also a practicing visual artist, and founder/creative chief of Larksome Goods.


  • Motherhood, marriage, and manifestation.
    I got a tattoo. We were on a trip, visiting colleges, my daughter and I. She turned 18 while we were traveling, and on her 18th birthday we got matching tattoos, a sun/moon image that she designed, because that’s what we’d agreed to do. In the waiting area of the ink boutique in Hopewell (the […]
  • A few things: May 2023
    Fair warning: this one covers the gamut, from gun reform to spring cooking, with a sprinkling of Willie Nelson.
  • A few things: April 2023
    Having been away from writing/posting here for six weeks, I’ll start with a little update, followed by the usual monthly round-up of links, notes, and an idea or two.
  • The Leftovers: a recipe
    It begins, at 5:30, with the onion, a hearty red one that’s been peeling back its own layers while tucked snugly inside a plastic container, abandoned on the back of the top shelf of the refrigerator. The onion’s missing half led a virtuous life as part of a kale salad, but that was a long […]
  • A few things: February/March 2023
    “Mom, WTH. Why am I in your TEDx talk. And how’d you get a TED talk, anyway? That’s what my son wanted to know. And in case you want to know, too, I’ll tell the story (it’s short), but first, a short tribute to a terrible dog.
  • First 100 Days: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Planning Tools
    Now that you’ve mapped your goals, rooted in that firm ground of context, you’re ready to put them into daily, weekly, and monthly action. These are the tools I use on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to move all of this work along. I’ve taken bits and pieces from other planning sheets and workbooks and created templates that work for me.


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