Jennifer Balink is a creative strategist and relationship coach who writes about motherhood, cooking, creativity, life-work balance, and navigating the human experience.

Jennifer works with individuals and organizations to help them find clarity and purpose.

Since 2016 she has been leading the team at Kindred Place, a nonprofit counseling, coaching, and education center for families. She is also a practicing visual artist, and founder/creative chief of Larksome Goods.


  • First 100 Days: 3 ways to plan for goals
    Having a plan that’s built from your own DNA, as it were, will enable you to keep moving, growing, adapting, and changing when the world around you presents unexpected challenges.
  • A few things: January 2023
    Today, after skipping down the sidewalk in the cold rain to feed the parking meter, I’m beginning anew on some things that are still important to me, like completing projects that I wanted to complete in January, even though it’s now February.
  • Charity begins at home.
    To love what is lamentable without also loving what is infuriating is an incomplete, selective love. But to love both the lamentable and the infuriating in equal measure requires an uncomfortable, inward reflection.
  • Your First 100 Days: The year ahead.
    Offering today’s work in the spirit of staying present, connected, and motivated by the desire to grow and change, to use our unique gifts, talents, and strengths to mend the broken world. May it be so.
  • Your First 100 Days: The magic of 5.
    Short repeat from yesterday: (Also: Just tuning in to this series? Welcome! Here’s the scoop: I’m giving followers here a free walk-through of a course called “Your First 100 Days,” a structured approach to help turn ideas into action. The first post in this series is here.) Yesterday’s exercise was to check in on your […]
  • Your First 100 Days: Setting the Five-Year Horizon
    When I first started planning for the year ahead by first looking back, then doing some vision work, then setting goals for the coming 12 months, this look at a 5-year horizon wasn’t part of the work. Having spent a good portion of my career writing or facilitating 3-5 year strategic plans, I’d seen the […]


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