Something about faith.

I've been thinking about dreams, and commitment, and faith. About heart and head, yin and yang, art and science. About how paths wander apart and then reconnect in ways that aren't always predictable. Taking that last metaphor forward, today's post is a trail that diverts a little from the path we've been on here recently: … Continue reading Something about faith.

Creative Collaboration Framework: Part One.

By "Thursday," what I meant was Saturday. We'll start on Saturday, which is today. And to get us started I'll repeat: what I believe is happening is that we're all short-circuiting. "On Friday night in Louisiana, a seven-month-old baby was shot in the head, caught in the crossfire during a drive-by shooting. In Norfolk, Va., … Continue reading Creative Collaboration Framework: Part One.

Creativity: A Template

Not unlike the series of posts from last summer/fall when I wrote "something" for 56 straight days as a birthday challenge to myself, what's happening here now, starting yesterday, is a series of mostly daily posts in which I'll work through some training materials I'm developing/refining. These posts will include almost nothing to connect them … Continue reading Creativity: A Template

Night must fall. March forward anyway.

During my growing-up years, in the days before widespread cable television, our local CBS affiliate station aired old movies in the afternoons and then again late at night. Among the films I remember watching are these: What Ever Happened to Baby Jane; Hush Hush, Sweet Charlotte; Sunset Boulevard; Sorry, Wrong Number; Rebecca; Dracula; The 39 … Continue reading Night must fall. March forward anyway.

It’s Friday, I’m in love.

Also, old. Because that "dumb pop song," (Robert Smith's own words) was released in 1992. That's 30 years ago. Thirty. "'Friday I'm in Love' is a dumb pop song, but it's quite excellent actually, because it's so absurd. It's so out of character - very optimistic and really out there in happy land. It's nice … Continue reading It’s Friday, I’m in love.

But what will we do with Tuesday?

(Oh, come on; you know how I love a themed series, right?) I read a quote (author unknown) that was something like, "Tuesday is Monday's uglier sister." I disagree. Tuesday, for me, is the sweet spot day. Tuesday is early enough in the week that one might say, "Let's meet early in the week - … Continue reading But what will we do with Tuesday?