All I did was drive, drive, drive.

We were away for nine days, and we did not spend two nights in the same city/town. So, I did a lot of driving, with my best girl navigating because Siri wasn't getting the job done on her own. And my best girl was very calm, even when she was not entirely sure her mother … Continue reading All I did was drive, drive, drive.

Something easy.

(No, this isn't that post either. One day soon, just not today. This one's 49, for anyone who's counting. Obviously, I am counting....) It was a completely gorgeous day here on Saturday -- cool, clear, and breezy. A picture-perfect fall day. And at the farmers market were all the goods to prove that, once again, … Continue reading Something easy.

Something about pizza.

Yep, you read that correctly. Because sometimes, pizza is the answer. Also: It will be easier to find this post, later, if the title includes the word "pizza" instead of some weird, abstract, unrelated string of words like I usually give to posts that have recipes. See? I'm learning. Anyway, what you might do with … Continue reading Something about pizza.