Blue plate special.

I've been under the weather since right after Christmas, but today I'm finally starting to feel "normal" again. Some thoughts on that, along with notes on how I've been spending my down time, a "curative" soup recipe, Apple Watch insanity, my favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter song, and a few other things. Think of it as … Continue reading Blue plate special.

Dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play?

I've picked a word for the year ahead, and that word is... ... Well, I'll get to that. But first, a story about my mother. (Yes, all of the January posts will be about food and cooking, and many of them will also be about my mother, because January is the time when I think … Continue reading Dear Prudence, won’t you come out to play?

If coq au vin and cassoulet had an American baby.

It was a dark and stormy night (kind of like tonight), and I was hungry, and I felt like cooking, but I did not feel like going to the store (because I never feel like going to the store, ever), so I took stock of what was already in my kitchen, and here's what I … Continue reading If coq au vin and cassoulet had an American baby.

Generations, part two.

Part two of three, I think. We'll see. (Updated, 10/31: Yes; three parts - though actually four. In any event, you'll find the final one here, if you're interested.) We'll take this one in what may seen reverse order, with cooking at the beginning. Then, in the middle, the main part. At the end will … Continue reading Generations, part two.

Rigatoni with artichoke hearts and red onion.

Sometimes, it's actually just about food. One of the things I realized on our wild mother-daughter trip was that I need to double down on getting my daughter to expand her food horizons. When she was little, I did a fairly good job of introducing new foods and tastes, and I always had the back-up … Continue reading Rigatoni with artichoke hearts and red onion.


Let’s keep this simple: Butternut squash is in season, as I’ve already mentioned. But perhaps you are not yet on team butternut squash and need another nudge. That hard-on-the-outside, uniquely shaped squash is one of my favorite things to cook. It strikes the perfect sweet-salty balance when prepared simply; it’s versatile; it’s good for you. … Continue reading Butternut.