Something about flow.

As I've written before, I've been working with an executive coach for several years. Our work together and the relationship that has grown through that work, continue to bring brightness, clarity, calm, wonder, and warmth to my work at Kindred Place and more broadly in my life. It was through this work that I decided … Continue reading Something about flow.

Something about the work of family dinner.

When it's hard to imagine what my life was like a decade or so ago, I scroll back through early blog posts. In those days, getting a grip on daily chores, including family dinner preparation, was a constant challenge. One of the things I did in response to that challenge was to prepare weekly menus … Continue reading Something about the work of family dinner.

The complicated problem of “comfort food.”

Comfort food: Potato chips. Ice cream. A jar of peanut butter and a spoon. Mac ‘n cheese. Grits. Meatloaf. Mashed potatoes. Or maybe: Chicken pot pie. Warm banana bread. Poached eggs on buttered toast. Rice pudding. Or maybe none of that, which is why we're here on Monday instead of Sunday, as promised. This post … Continue reading The complicated problem of “comfort food.”

How to make chocolate-dipped sugar cookie hearts.

I've loved Valentine's Day since my childhood. I loved decorating a shoe box to collect classmates' offerings. I loved using clunky safety scissors to cut out pink paper hearts. I loved using the sticky mucilage glue to stick doilies everywhere. More than all of those things, I loved pulling the crinkly wrapper from a cherry … Continue reading How to make chocolate-dipped sugar cookie hearts.

But what will we do with Tuesday?

(Oh, come on; you know how I love a themed series, right?) I read a quote (author unknown) that was something like, "Tuesday is Monday's uglier sister." I disagree. Tuesday, for me, is the sweet spot day. Tuesday is early enough in the week that one might say, "Let's meet early in the week - … Continue reading But what will we do with Tuesday?

Blue plate special.

I've been under the weather since right after Christmas, but today I'm finally starting to feel "normal" again. Some thoughts on that, along with notes on how I've been spending my down time, a "curative" soup recipe, Apple Watch insanity, my favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter song, and a few other things. Think of it as … Continue reading Blue plate special.