The comfort of familiar things.

I've been thinking about getting a tattoo. If we know each other, in real life, then this revelation may be shocking. If we know each other very well, though, then it's possibly not unexpected. I have been thinking about it, a tattoo, though not terribly seriously, for longer than I'll admit, even here. Tattoos, like … Continue reading The comfort of familiar things.

On birds, and letters, and opera.

The letter, were I to write it, might open this way: What a year this has been, right from the start... In January we had the craziest weather. One weekend it snowed; the next it was sunny and 70 degrees. Almost every night ended with an outrageously vibrant, pink sunset. Inside the confines of our … Continue reading On birds, and letters, and opera.

Happy family.

The still young-ish couple and their month-old baby are sitting in the small neighborhood Chinese restaurant on a chilly, dark October night. The restaurant is mostly a take-out and delivery hub, so most of the tables inside are empty. They have come here, this couple and their new baby, because it is close to their … Continue reading Happy family.