Short, thinky-thought for today:

Is it worth making peace with the unlived life, the road not taken?



Doing so might yield surprising discoveries.

Maybe it wasn’t the right time to take that road. Maybe that road required driving skills that had yet to be mastered.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

The universe finds a way.

Et cetera.

There’s more to explore here, and I have some related news to share. And I planned to write a good bit more about all of that.


I came home to find an infestation of Indian meal moths in my kitchen, along with a few other unwelcome surprises, one of which was quite sad (though not my story or my news to share).


the big, furry, shedding, barking dog was beside himself with delight when I walked in the door.

Life’s a bowl of cherries?


More to come.

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