OK, now what?

That’s the question.

In my experience (and I have my fair share of change management/reinvention experience to bring to bear here), “now what?” may be the only question worth asking when things are going sideways, whether that sideways slide is a dead car battery or an entire country run amok in civil dysfunction.

It’s a much better question than, say, “Why did this happen?” “How did I get here?” “Whose fault is this?” “Why can’t it ever be easy?” or any of the similar, unanswerable, unhelpful questions that can set up camp in between problem and solution.

“Now what?” is a solution kind of question; it’s in the present (“now”) and action-oriented (“what”).

It’s the essential question that one must ask if reinvention is the goal.

Just think about it for a bit, and there will be more to come, tomorrow.

Yes, that’s really it for today. Yesterday’s post was a lot to digest, so today just a wafer thin mint….

See you tomorrow.

For the month of August, is all about RE-committing to writing. So far that includes: Reengage, Reconsider, Reassess, Review, Redefine, Relish, and Relay.


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