Something about a mantra.

For when you’re about to embark on work that might be challenging.

For when you’re feeling out of sorts.

For when you were interrupted in the middle of something enjoyable (or important), and you need to recalibrate.

For when you want to set the tone for the day ahead.

For when you’re trying to wind down at the end of the day.

For countless other times or situations that aren’t listed, above.

Just try it, maybe?

Happy Easter.


  1. Happy Easter. I may have mislead you. I never got to meet MC because he taught at Claremont-Mudd in California. I was studying at Loyola/NOLA, but we had very long email conversations that ran over the course of three months. Little one likes to cook. She already can make a scratch pie. Little one number 2 likes to play baseball. Look at his eyes when he’s batting. Wanna know about powerful juju? We use a new mantra every year. This year we came to the same one independently. We both use it.

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  2. I think mantras can be powerful. They are so simple too! I refer to mine as “mantranyms” as they are also acronyms. One example is KISS: Keep it Simple, Sugar. Another one I love, that came from a sign my Dad had is “Life is Fragile, Be Gentle”.

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