Creativity and parenting.

“Parenting” is having a moment. Or, more accurately, it’s having another moment. A super-trendy one.

While previous waves, such as those led by Dr. Spock, T. Berry Brazelton, and the controversial John Rosemond, to name just three, had a kind of official stamp on them, this wave, dubbed “gentle parenting” is different. as Jessica Winter writes in The New Yorker, “gentle parenting” is not an official doctrine — though you can rest assured there are books, e-courses, workshops, and more on the subject.

So, yes; you’ve read correctly so far. “Parenting” is trendy. That PureWow is posting about parenting trends, suggests that “parenting” is both trending and trendy. If a term hops from TikTok to The pages of The New Yorker, it’s definitely a trend wave, right?

(Side note: Soon and very soon, we’re going to look at the current tic of the moment, saying “Right?” at the end of sentences, similar to how we picked up the unconscious habit of saying “So…” at the beginning of sentences. Soon; very soon; but not today.)

How about checking in with a few of my favorite TikTok moms to get us started:


Gentle parenting isn’t boundary-less parenting. It isn’t always squishy fee-fees. IC @restingbishfacemama #mommacusses #gentleparenting #momlife

♬ original sound – Momma Cusses

I’m going to pause here (meaning, end this post and leave it open-ended) and ask a question:

What’s the most obvious difference between this parenting wave/trend (evidenced by the TikTok videos) and the earlier waves of parenting advice/guidance?

You can do it. I know you can.

We’ll pick up here, in a day or two. K?



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