What I believe is happening is that we’re all short-circuiting, to varying degrees. By all of us, I mean me, too.

I could be wrong; maybe I’m the only one. But a bit of unscientific research says otherwise because every time I’ve put this idea into words and said to a friend or colleague, “I believe we’re all short-circuiting,” the response has been, without exception, a nod of agreement.

It’s not just that we’re all fraying around the edges. It’s more like that lamp with the tricky switch or faulty socket, the bulb that flickers off and on with no predictable pattern or frequency.

So I did what I do in this kind of situation: I nerded out and spent hours reading through articles about brain activity, and brain short-circuiting in particular.

And I found more than I could have wished to find (neurons firing with excitement in response), and I’m still processing and putting words to the ideas in a way that seems like a natural bridge between round one of the creative brief work and what I have planned for round two.

While I work on that (round two will start on Thursday, you’ll recall), how about watching a short (20 minute) TED Talk by Dr. Jill Bolte (and/or read this article about Dr. Bolte and her talk).

“Does Our Planet Need a Stroke of Insight?” article and link to TED Talk


  1. I gave up on Ted Talks years ago. Too formulaic and clever. Clever in the way that Brits use precious. Yes, the circuits are fried which is why NOJO has been as productive and creative over the last three years as she has ever been. Me? Meh. All I know is that I’m not allowed to fly a helicopter in Ukraine. There is no rewiring right now. There is just too much.


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