How to write a simple note.

For many years now you’ve heard me repeat the suggestion to pen handwritten notes. Handwritten notes are little treasures for the recipients, and the act of writing them is a particular and special kind of gratitude practice that may be trendy to talk about now but that has always, always been true.

One of the things I’ve learned in the few years of writing about note-writing and having a small paper goods design shop is that many people, including people I know well, love the idea of stationery but are intimidated by the actual note-writing part. The handful of friends who are exceptions to this statement are, in contrast, prolific note-writers who love stationery and actually RELISH the writing part.

I mention those exceptional writers in support of the suggestion in today’s “how to” offering, because their exceptional note-writing skills prove that, as in every endeavor, it is practice, more than native ability, that ultimately leads to mastery — and even enjoyment.

One way to get started with practice is to have a primer, like a starter piano book that has pictures of keys one can “play” on paper, or calligraphy book one can use with tracing paper to trace letters before trying them free-hand.

For note-writing, the primers I’ll offer today are tools I developed for Larksome Goods.

These tools were actually the first things I created when I started the tiny store, having heard from friends (and my own children) a distinctive tone of dread and apprehension over writing simple correspondence. I developed different primers for different situations that were among the most common circumstances in which a personal, handwritten note would be appropriate and appreciated. Here are some examples:

As part of the Larksome Goods refresh that’s underway behind the scenes, I’m turning these primers into a downloadable book (a very short one). And I’ll still tuck the “Dude, Write the Note” standard card into every blue box of stationery.

That card is today’s real “how to” offering. And you can download, print, and save a copy for yourself, below:


  1. This is a great guide Jennifer! So many people simply think they don’t know what to say in a note. I tell my grandkids to ask themselves what they would say in person; that’s always a good start.

    I set aside a little time in my Monday planning to write notes, birthday cards, etc., and I love the experience. I also know how wonderful it feels to get “real mail” in the box. The most special cards get a little wax seal!

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  2. Hello, dear one. Hope this finds you and yours well on this rainy day, as we hope it doesn’t freeze!❄️ Please know how very much I enjoy your writing and “lessons”.  What a joy to have you enter my simple Tennessee River life with charm, a bit of history, positivity, and cleverness.  With that, may I forward your “Note Writing” samples to the WKU Spirit Masters for a monthly program in which they have asked me to participate? I will be sure to give you and your business a plug. I was one of the founding members of this campus ambassador group in 1982.  As a faithful note writer, I  want to encourage these young collegians to carry on the tradition of sending a postmarked  piece of themselves to special ones and as professional young people.  Thank you for sending me my upcoming topic for discussion with these young people. So appreciate your encouragement on all fronts.  Blessings to your clan for a healthy and happy 2022❣️ -Nada

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  3. I love sending and receiving handwritten notes. I have a habit of buying a bunch of those greeting cards for .99 at Trader Joe’s whenever I go there and send them out to whoever I believe would appreciate the sentiment.

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  4. Let me tell you about hand written notes.We published a book containing all the written sections from “Songs From Home.” So far in two press runs we’ve made 6,000 books. They’ve sold out. We also provided a book plate that the reader could add for an additional charge. They could be signed or they could have an inscription and a signature. Her fans are crazy. 5,000 of them want some version of a signed book plate. Now MCC is mad at me for doing something she wanted. Heh. “My hand hurts.” “The ink is too sloppy” “Somebody ate my soup.”

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