Two turtle doves.

Today is the second day of Christmas. No, I am not going to lead with this calendar/timeline/reference for the remainder of the month. In fact, today is that last reference you’ll have to the Christmas holiday.

Today, 26 December, is often a day that — both in my personal experience and from what I very often hear from the people in my world — can feel like a let down after frantic weeks of preparation and the build-up of Christmas Day expectations.

So if today feels a little “day after” ish to you, in a way that isn’t entirely pleasant, try a trick that’s the inverse of yesterday’s work: Send a text message to someone you love. Just one, though once you start (again, in my personal experience here), you might find yourself combing through contacts and sending lots of messages. You might also find that sending messages to people you care about helps you feel connected in a way that is more pleasant than feeling “day after” ish.

Today, BTW, is the last of the easy assignments in the December sanity journal work. The rest of the days will require a bit of digging around, reflecting, and honesty.

You’re up to it. I know you are.

See you tomorrow.

P.S. – Every day, for five more days, I post the book: December Sanity Journal.