On the first day, let yourself be loved.

Today is the first day of Christmas. There are 12 days in this season. This season extends beyond the end of December. You are not late; you are right on time.

And you are loved. The real people in your life you make you feel happy, smart, attractive, powerful, accepted, or brave — the people you’ve named, if you’ve been following along and actually participating — those people all love you. The people who make you feel guilty or overwhelmed? They most likely love you, too.

The person you name today might be a repeat of an earlier day. But might also be someone new to the cast. Naming that new name might send you on a path of naming all the names, everyone who loves you.

Bathe in that love today, at least for a minute, maybe while you sip coffee or put on your shoes. But do let it in.

Merry Christmas. See you tomorrow.

P.S. – Every day I post the book: December Sanity Journal.


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