23 and you.

This is easy. And short. So easy and short that you’ll be glad you opened/read/followed along.

Let’s get to it:

That’s actually it. All of it.

Close your eyes; count to 10 (aloud or in your head); open your eyes; fix your gaze on something that doesn’t move, and take three deep breaths.

Do it now.

You might want to do it again, later today. Or maybe every day. Just be still, for about one minute, total. You have the time, so take it. Most likely outcome? You’ll feel a tiny bit better, instantly. And the people around you will appreciate an added bit of calm.

Just try it.

See you tomorrow, Christmas Eve.

P.S. – Maybe you’re actually ahead of the game and totally ready for Christmas, and now, today, you want to go back and try some of the things you didn’t try earlier, but you don’t want to go back post-by-post? I got you: December Sanity Journal the full book.