Reeaacchh for the sky.

Seriously. Stand up, and reach for the sky.


Do it.

Because I know you didn’t really print/post the stretching instruction from earlier in the month, even though you know stretching is really, really good for every fiber of your being. And this one good stretch might offer your one good minute of calm today, as COVID spikes everywhere, like a nasty, uncontrollable algae bloom on hyper-drive.

After you finish with your good stretch, maybe you’ll want to read up on how to make a plan for if (meaning, most likely, WHEN) you test positive. Having a plan, making preparations, helps create a sense of control in a completely out-of-control-feeling world.

Speaking of plans, now that you’re 20 days into the month of December and its companion sanity journal, today is a great day either to make or review your Christmas plans, remembering that the 25th is the FIRST day of Christmas, a season that lasts 12 (TWELVE) days. January 5th is the LAST day of Christmas.

So, you’re not late. You’re right on time, in this season of preparation.

Prepare for Christmas.

Prepare for New Year’s.

Prepare for COVID.

[Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck.]

Maybe before we head into the rest of the day, we’ll take another minute to stretch? (And when you do, maybe you, like I, will hear the voice of Tom Hanks saying, “Reeeaaaccch for the sky…” and think of happy things, like Toy Story – the second one, not the first one or the third one. Definitely Toy Story 2.)

See you tomorrow.


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