Day 9: How about a fountain of smart?

Let’s keep this one short and reasonably sweet: One morning, about 30 years ago, I stopped at a stop light on Poplar Avenue on my way to work (at my first “real” job) and saw a bumper sticker that read: “We’ve got enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?” And I laughed, because I thought it was both funny and true.

And I remember it, still, today.

Theme for today, December 9th? Be the smart you want to see in the world.

How, exactly, might you do that?

You might start by acknowledging the people in your life who make you feel smart, capable, clever, and sharp. Thinking about even just one person who makes you feel smart will bolster your self-confidence. Who knows what you might do with that boost?

One day, not today, but one day soon, we’ll talk about all of these “one person/one word” sheets like today’s. If you downloaded the whole workbook (link for that below, if you didn’t), then you’ve already realized this particular exercise is on frequent repeat, and you may have questions about that. I may have answers. We’ll see. One day soon, but not today.

Until tomorrow, be very well. Make good choices.

P.S. If you thought you didn’t want to download the full December Sanity Journal but now think maybe you do, here’s the link.


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