Beach haiku.

Here is the friends’ plan:
The beach, a budget, split costs;
Three girls, one mother.

I waited to act,
thinking they might lose interest.
But they persisted.

[Leaving home brings a
familiar anxiety:
What if the world ends?]

Long miles of highway,
Some chatter and snacks. Music.
They sleep, and I drive.

It’s like old Vegas,
grizzled and worn; unpolished.
A vintage beach town.

Good morning, seashore.
Girls sleep while I drink a bowl
of coffee and wait.

Grocery: crisp apples,
chicken, kale, and blueberries.
Also: popsicles.

The rain clears the beach.
It’s a bit silly, really.
Water is water.

There will be laundry,
every day a fresh, wet load:
Bikinis; t-shirts.

Each day starts this way:
Everything is as it is.
A sand artist draws.

It reassembles,
the shoreline, obscured by night.
The way of the sea.

2019-06-19 09.39.21

It’s an odd kitchen:
No whisk, tin pan, spatula.
But very sharp knives.

No carbs, the girls say.
But they bend to risotto,
a mother’s witchcraft.

Someone flies a kite,
near double red flags. Rip tide.
Foamy waves. Salt spray.

Beach walk: a young girl,
wearing a lilac swimsuit,
gives me a shell.

Beach is closed (again).
Rough water means good shopping
(for things we don’t need).

On summer solstice,
we spy sharks and sea turtles.
Outlaw surfers surf.

They’re getting restless.
Necessity. Invention.
We open a map.

Barrier island;
the safety of a jetty;
crystal blue water.

Youth heeds no advice.
They are sunburned and tired.
Boardwalk-blistered feet.

We eat, and we rest.
One more day by the seashore,
my girl, her friends, me.


  1. Salt and vinegar
    potato chips. Delicious,
    Salty, just one more.

    Your post was like those chips we only eat in summer. Irresistible, complex, easy, just one more. ❤️

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  2. Magic chips? Not me!
    But wait. If I eat them fast
    They won’t count as much. 🙂

    How did you know I just polished off a bag waiting for my sandwich at Fino’s?

    Could not love your beach haiku more.❤️

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  3. How special. Adore the quick, point-blank visions of happiness and life’s experiences. Your talent is special, friend. Keep it comin’! ❤️

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  4. A beautiful vision of a summer vacation! We are going north.. because that is what you do when you live in Texas… so we will be in Maine at the end of July. Lovely poem. I hope the rest of your summer is just as great! ❤


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