Why not be you.

So, the highlight of my week was a Facebook, um, conversation with my sister. This is the same sister, my favorite sister, who for several years was on Facebook boycott but who decided, about a year ago, that she missed being connected to people she couldn’t see everyday. Meaning people who do not live in Minnesota. Meaning, among others, me.

And in case you are thinking that it is very uncharitable of me to single out a favorite sister, you need to know that she is my only sister. And even though I asked God to please bring me a kitty cat instead of a baby sister when my mother was pregnant, I’m glad God didn’t listen to that particular prayer.

Anyway, my sister, who used to teach ballet and now is an ob/gyn, posts lots of funny and interesting links and articles, most of which I enjoy, even though some I could do without, like the one about vaginal steam cleaning (her post was, in essence: DO NOT DO THIS).

One of Margaret’s favorite sources to share is The Blogess, because, well, The Blogess. I am pretty sure I introduced Margaret to Jenny Lawson’s blog after my friend Mary, who is very funny, shared what remains one of the funniest posts I have ever read ever, mostly because it describes a situation that sort of actually happened in my own household, and one that sort of actually happened in my sister’s household, because all of us – Jenny Lawson, Margaret and I (and probably Mary) – are married to men who could not accept “because I fucking feel like it” as a suitable reason for buying new bathroom towels.

Also, both Jenny Lawson and my sister routinely give me a much needed boost of courage to continue being me. And while you may be thinking that that does not seem to be a particular challenge here, I promise you that if I have learned only one thing in living this long it is that everyone, every single person, needs that same exact boost, and regularly.

So Tuesday afternoon while I was sitting in the carpool line, I was scrolling through the  Facebook feed on my phone and saw this:

Margaret Larkey Dow Oh, Jennifer Larkey Balink. That’s four. Happy. Also everyone else.

The happiest four words. The saddest four words. | The Bloggess

Victor: I read something about a contest where you have to come up with the saddest story in just four words, and I think I’ve nailed it.


 And since it was such a sweet four word story from my sister and such a funny and oddly inspiring post from that awesome Jenny Lawson, I thought it only right to add my own four-word-happy-story response back to my favorite sister, the former ballerina turned doctor.

And then, because I had a little idle time on my hands, I got a little carried away, and …. well, you’ll see:

Jennifer Larkey Balink She rocked that tutu.

Jennifer Larkey Balink The dog quit farting.
Jennifer Larkey Balink Also, that knock knock post is my favorite of all time ever. I re- read it sometimes just because. And I think of you every time.
Jennifer Larkey Balink Her laughter was magic.
Jennifer Larkey Balink Love magnified their treasure.
Margaret Larkey DowAmazement is all around.
Jennifer Larkey Balink The sisters were nuts.
Courtney Murrah Y’all are so related.
Margaret Larkey Dow luckiest little sister ever
Margaret Larkey DowOur friends are patient.

Jennifer Larkey Balink Then everyone got chocolate.

Jennifer Larkey Balink Or perhaps: Then everyone got whiskey.

Jennifer Larkey Balink But definitely not: Then everyone got frisky.

Margaret Larkey Dow Scotch. And three more.

Jennifer Larkey Balink There will be cussing.

Margaret Larkey Dowi’m biting my tongue.

Now it’s your turn.


  1. Steve’s contribution: “Won lottery. Quit job.” Mine (sorry too many words): Your Facebook is obviously 10,000 times better than mine. Please send a friend request.

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  2. A mark of good taste/sense. But you have no friend me link on yours. I guess it’s disabled. So you have to search for me and ask me, I suppose.


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