The no-snow weekend.

the distant memory of a snowy day
the distant memory of a snowy day
Here are 22 things I did this weekend, not in precise order:

  1. Watch everyone get snow, except for us. Well, it seemed like everyone.
  2. Exercise, because there was no snow to stop me. Dammit.
  3. Try to finish the last 35 pages of Between the World and Me, which is absolutely, positively gut-wrenching.
  4. Walk around the block, twice, to think and think and think some more.
  5. Read this completely hilarious post about Chick-Fil-A’s new superfood side dish because I needed something ridiculous and funny.
  6. Snuggle up with my best girl to watch the first two Harry Potter movies.
  7. Make chocolate cupcakes frosted with chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream (we were doing a snow day project, dammit, even if it didn’t snow).
  8. Make some new prints (new Tennessee Brewery prints coming in the store this week), because the weather was sunny and lacking in snow.
  9. Take the 12 bags of KonMari-discard clothes and accessories out of my room (where they’ve been gathering dust for three weeks) and down to my car.
  10. Drive my children to their friends’ houses for Saturday night sleepovers,
  11. Go on an all-too-rare dinner date with Bernard (thank you, Alchemy Memphis – delicious!).
  12. Watch a healthy portion of the Entourage marathon.
  13. Go to Starbucks, so I would be reasonably alert enough to teach Sunday school.
  14. Teach Sunday school.
  15. Go back to Starbucks, because the cocktails at Alchemy were as good as the food.
  16. Pick up the children from the faraway friend houses.
  17. Laundry.
  18. Latin stems review.
  19. Science project data review.
  20. Futz around with three different blog post drafts, leaving all in draft state.
  21. Finally prepare the Spaghetti Squash with Kale and Creamy Parmesan Garlic Sauce dish from last week’s Plated box. We will talk more about this at a later date. Not the recipe; Plated. Also, cooking dinner.
  22. Sit back down to try turning one of those uncooperative posts into something that might actually make for good reading, as opposed to a stupid list. Only I ran completely out of steam, and that’s that.

Also, I cooked scrambled eggs. Twice.

Also, I finally swapped our cable boxes for Roku devices.

On this last bit of news, you might be thinking: hmmm; how very 2007 of you.


A) fair point, well made; but also,

B) bite me; I’ve been busy. That is all.


  1. Yes! And why not? And thank goodness I’m not alone (in watching all that Harry Potter this weekend, and also, in (mostly) not getting snow.)
    Only you could make a list have a voice and be adorable.
    (Looks like we both really ought to get to Salvation Army to get those damn clothing bags out of our cars.)


  2. I love this post, lists are my favorite. Our non-snow snow day project was homemade chicken and dumplings, and it was delicious and perfect.

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  3. “Everyone get snow except for us…” Hmmm. Down here in New Orleans we had at least 45 inches of snow. 🙂 Traffic may have seemed that way. Musical Miss sent me a text while she was running errands… “WTF was I thinking? I’m stuck in parade traffic. BRB. In 9 hours.”


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