Time out.

black coffee

I am oversubscribed, and it is my own doing. Mostly. Not entirely. Also all of my words are currently occupied in other places related to my job-job. Also tomorrow is the first day of school for my children, and I have yet to pack a lunch or iron a uniform. I have been to the grocery; I have bought a few school supplies, but only the bare necessities. I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

My daughter is feeling a tiny bit anxious, partly because she’s starting middle school but mostly because she is the highly organized child of a terribly disorganized mother. “It’s all good; don’t worry,” her brother said. “A few sheets of paper, a pencil and a lunch – that’s all you really need on the first day. Just roll with it.”

Which reminded me of this post I wrote a couple of years ago. Which reminded me that everything is going to be fine. Really, it is. And I’ll be back; really, I will.

Happy week.




  1. Holy crap! School starts tomorrow?! That’s crazy! Also you’re this squeezed for time and you registered for Disquis (or whatever it’s called.) So yes, it will all be fine. And thank you for sharing your love so kindly. And now I’m off to read the other post. Because it’s all good. It really is. Xoxo


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