50 happy things from 2013

It doesn’t take much to make me happy, most days.  (Note: My children will read that sentence and say, “You choose how you feel, Mama; no one can make you happy or unhappy.”  Wonder where they heard that?)

The other night, as I was choosing to have an unhappy moment, I gave myself a challenge: in less than 30 minutes, list 50 happy moments from 2013.  By the time I got to number 3, I was already feeling better.  By 35, I was feeling pretty damn grateful, and peacefully happy.  The best part?  I could have kept going – easily.  For the 50 on this list, there were at least another 100 that I thought of before I went to sleep that night.

Having an un-swell sort of day?  Take the challenge yourself; you’ll be amazed.

And now, in no particular order, here are 50 things that made me smile, inside and out, this year:

  1. Outstanding in the Field, and being there with two of my closest friends.
  2. Lucia Blue Lotus candles
  3. Pimm’s Royales on Easter
  4. Zinnias that sprang up from seeds my husband scattered in the alley behind our house
  5. Lulu Tinkle Beast, aka Destructo Dog
  6. Kadota figs from my neighbor’s yard
  7. Having a post Freshly Pressed
  8. Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus
  9. The Kinfolk Table
  10. Seeing kayaking explorer Daniel Alvarez again, and following his travels through his blog all year
  11. Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad series
  12. My friend Marjorie’s beautiful silver hair
  13. Having my photographs published in the local paper
  14. Shared Vision, the collection of photographs I would own if I had the money (except for the Joel Peter Witkin; never did like Witkin’s work)
  15. The fact that there’s a ‘cement pond’ at my sister’s fancy new house (and that she calls it by that name)
  16. The Olivet, Michigan middle school football team
  17. Watching my daughter master intricate designs on the Rainbow Loom, thanks to hours spent watching YouTube videos
  18. The Big Texan
  19. Fresh lettuce from True Vine Farms 
  20. Lilly koozies from my sister for my birthday
  21. L-I-C-E is a Four Letter Word, by the Bitchin’ Sisters
  22. Listening to The Sisters Grimm series on the way to school
  23. Oggl
  24. Seeing Elton John in concert
  25. Amurica, the craziest photo booth ever
  26. Acura of Memphis, best car service team ever (and I’ve owned many cars)
  27. Dinner: A Love Story
  28. Lesley Carter’s Social Media brainstorm, and the new blogging friends I met because of it
  29. Bernard’s shaving half his head and putting on make up to be Two-Face for Halloween
  30. Learning how many fellow foodies also hate kale
  31. My son’s winning football game on his birthday
  32. Making platinum prints for the first time in 25 years
  33. Being featured in the Memphis Business Journal
  34. The Camp Gyno video
  35. The Bitter Southerner
  36. Fishing on the 4th of July
  37. Tina Seelig’s Crash Course in Creativity (Stanford Venture Labs)
  38. Having lunch with my uncles Memorial Day weekend
  39. Watching my daughter play softball for the first time
  40. Going to my Hutchison 30th reunion dinner (surprise, I know, right?)
  41. Taking winter clothes to the dry cleaner and finding a whole spring wardrobe waiting
  42. Watching Here Comes the Boom with my son and listening to his belly laugh
  43. Assembling art collages for my children’s school auction
  44. The hilarity of the Optional School campout
  45. Retiring from competitive USTA tennis.  Forever.  I mean it.
  46. The public fall of Lululemon (yes, I do feel guilty being happy about another’s misfortune, and I know karma will come for me as it did for Chip Wilson)
  47. Interviewing Gannon Hamilton, chef de cuisine at The Elegant Farmer
  48. Not going Black Friday shopping
  49. Seeing the picture of Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela and remembering that the good always trumps the bad
  50. The WordPress community.  Seriously.  The posts, pictures, likes, comments, follows and WP challenges, I love it all.

Cheers to a happy 2013.  May next year be the same.


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